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WordPress is a great online tool that allows you to start your very own website without needing any formal training and more than 50,000 people use the tool every day. The WordPress websites are easy to work on, the end result looks great and are highly SEO friendly which is what any business wants.

However, every beginner goes through a hit and trial phase before he’s able to get the best result for his website. These are a few tips on building a website on WordPress that would come in handy for any beginner and will help pros as well:


Utilize the Sidebar Well

WordPress Sidebars are usually cramped with widgets and icons leading to various social media accounts and links to photos or tweets but is every link really useful? You need to de- clutter your Sidebar so that only what is relevant and useful stays and you can say good bye to the rest giving it a good appearance.

You can do this by going to the Appearance and Widgets section and remove everything you don’t need and keep only what actually helps your business grow and is essential to your plan.


Make Permalinks Impactful

The aim for any website is to get the word out and let the content be found by users so they know what the website or business has to offer. In order to do so, the website needs to be easily found by search engines like Google and Bing.

One sure shot way for search engines to easily find you is by carving out a “road map” for them and you can do that by editing the permalink field so you can revise the links before they are published. Make it easy and readable and don’t make it only about the keywords. Make it catchy so users feel like clicking on it!


Make Your Descriptions Eye Catching

Page titles and descriptions go a long way in getting your blogs and content recognition and generate interest. The page title and it’s short description on social media sites like Facebook is what makes people decide whether they want to read the content or not. You can now easily control the descriptions and edit it as per your liking to grab more attention.

Make descriptions in a way that readers know what they’ll find on your website and make It compelling enough for the users to want to click on it and read it. Keep the descriptions for your readers and not for Google.


The Image Magic

Images are what make most blogs interesting. Most people just scroll through the content but if the image is attractive and catchy, viewers pause to take a look and relish it and might even end up reading the blog too which is your aim eventually. The title tag of images generates helpful text that you can use to better explain to users what you want to portray.

Make the tags accurate and this is another way to convey exactly what your website is about.


Optimize the Footer

The footer often lays forgotten when it can actually be put to use to make the website more appealing. Use the footer for any additional information you’d like to share like a link to important information or maybe information about copyright.

You can even write a short description or put in links to where people can contact you etc. to make the user experience more optimal.

These tips will surely go a long way to help beginners and pros to better set up a website through WordPress to generate content that actually engages audiences and serves the true purpose of a website- to educate!

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