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Today we’re taking a look at best practices for social media engagement, publishing, advertising, and measurement. Publishing is the crucial step that actually gets your message in front of your audience, so here are Seven best practices for publishing your content on social media

a] Make sharing easy: One of the best things about Social Network Platforms is that you can share almost everything through them as long as there is a way to share it from the resource. If you want your content to be viewed more then you will need to add social sharing buttons in the beginning or towards the end of the article. You can try using Add this which will allow you to add beautiful share buttons in your posts.

b] Treat every Social Platform equally: Each social network has its own ways in which users can interact with your posts. Learn and understand each social platform and find out what works the best with them. If you come across that manually updating each social network would be time consuming you can try using apps like Buffer or Hootsuite that will allow you to schedule posts to popular social media platforms.

c] Track your links: Social attribution is a great way to prove the return on investment for social publishing. It can be useful to place links that have a tracking code built into them. You can use which will give you a detailed report of how many times the link was clicked and from which platforms you received the clicks. You can utilize this data for building a better strategy for content marketing.

d] Be creative and experiment: What you do now may or may not be the best thing for your social campaigns. Being experimenting and creative will give you an idea if something new is working better for you or not. Do not let all out experimenting, but have a deliberated structure so that you can test and evaluate accordingly. You will also have to keep in mind your users who may or may not like a sporadic change in the way you are publishing content on your social channels.

e] Use your data: Everyone will tell you something different when it comes to the best time to publish, the best post type, the best content , and the best calls to action. But only you have the data to make the decision like what is best for your brand. Do some kind of testing with your publishing strategies, and then calculate what has worked best for you after you have collected a large and enough data. Always keep experimenting, and also develop your own best practices

f] Build for mobile: We all know how important a mobile is, and how frequently people us it to access content, for both traditional and social web properties. According to a survey, majority of mobile subscribers in the India. accessed social networks or blogs from their mobile phones. Even if you are building a website, make sure that design easily translates easily mobile phones. And any additional functionality, such as social sharing, should be able to work on mobile phones, too

g] Promote existing content: Distribution is one of the biggest benefits of building a large social network following. You have got tons of great content that you want to share, so utilize your social networks to do so. Practice Experiment with different headlines and post types to find what is most effective to maximize traffic. Just be careful not to overdo it. Experiment with different days of the week and different times of the day to get the best results.

So what are you waiting for, it’s time you upped the game of publishing content to various social media channels by keeping these best practices in mind. Remember do what is best to achieve better visibility for your work.

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