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PPCHire the Best Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services Company in Mumbai, India

Pay per click (PPC) advertising (also known as ‘paid search’) is fast becoming one of the most important advertising methods for businesses across India and the world. If you want to get the most from an ad campaign it’s usually necessary to contract companies offering professional ppc management services as this can lead to a far higher ROI.

Benefits of PPC

  • Fully measurable –  you can easily track referrals right from the search page to your landing page and onto the sale. You can also track the effectiveness of individual keywords and alter campaigns immediately for better results.
  • Highly targeted – target geographically and demographically, by audience or by keyword. You have much more ability to target your ads with PPC than with a traditional print campaign. Your ads also only appear at the exact time when people are showing an interest in relevant products or services.
  • Immediate – when using professional pay per click management services you can be up and running in less than a day for smaller campaigns, with your ads showing in the search pages straight away.
  • Cost effective – it’s cheap to get started and you only ever pay when someone clicks through to your website. If you convert a high proportion of visitors it can be a fantastic way to gain new customers and repeat business.
  • Take on your bigger competitors – with the proper campaign management, your ads can appear right next to the bigger players in your industry without you having to pay more for the privilege.
  • Branding – even if your ads don’t get clicked, the fact that you are appearing at the top of the search engines is an excellent branding exercise.

Benefits of Using an Agency

Newcomers to PPC are sometimes tempted to go it alone. For small companies this can sometimes pay off if a dedicated account administrator is managing the campaign on a daily basis. However, getting the most from your PPC campaign often involves hiring a company offering professional pay per click management services.

Cheaper Campaigns, Increased Sales

AdWords appoints a ‘quality score’ for each keyword. The higher the quality score, the better placed your ads will be in the results pages and the less you will pay every time someone clicks on your add (the ‘cost per click’ or CPC). This essentially means a more cost-effective campaign with the likelihood of increased sales.

There are many factors affecting the quality score, ranging from the arrangement of the keywords into relevant groups to the quality of the landing page for each keyword group. There are too many mistakes to make when starting out with PPC (such as choosing the wrong keywords to start with and bidding too high for each keyword) that you can quickly end up spending a lot of money with very poor ROI. Paying for professional pay per click management services from a specialist firm is a sound investment that will lead to a far more successful campaign.

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