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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):- It’s a Procedure of improving the ranking of your website in the natural Search Engine Rankings Page (SERP) to increase the amount of qualified traffic (Visitors) to your website as a result increase in the sales of the particular Company.

Search Engine Optimization is significant from the Business point of view:-
With more than One billion monthly unique visitors, Google is the most visited online platform. Search Engine Generates Intent Oriented Traffic, it also allows business to target intent of online users by keywords which makes it significant for business objectives like Lead Generation, Online Reputation Management etc.

Learn Search Engine Optimization:-
300 million searches are performed per day in INDIA alone out of Globally 14 Billion online searches, which means 85% of Internet users find websites using Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. There was a time when the newspaper was a great place to market your business. If you were placing an ad that you could manage to pay for it, the best place to have that ad might be on the 1st page where the big headlines supposed to be listed. You want to market on a page because that gets the most attention. Similar theory applies to Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). A search engine result will typically generate 10 possibilities on the first page. Therefore, as a website marketer you need to be as close by those rankings on the first page if possible.

Search Engine Optimization Training Course For:-
People who want to make a new and unique career in the competitive world in a short period of time with a great income as well as outcome. If you are interested in taking your life and career in a different direction, then it’s time to explore all that’s important to you. You do not need a technical background or be a web designer/coder to benefit from this SEO course.

Why Should Attend Our Search Engine Optimization Training Course?
Search Engine Optimization Training Course covers a broad series of topics that helps in building your carrier in the field of Digital / Online Marketing. Students whoever attended a course will be given online tests and gain hands-on experience in the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our training sessions are mostly designed with a purpose to deliver a sharp edged individual, who later on takes of any projects independently to another level. The SEO Training Course in Mumbai is designed such Flexible that it could meet the demands of fresher’s and working professionals. It offers a number of Advanced and Corporate SEO programmes course to helps you and develop your own in-house or personal knowledge base in Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), either to advance the advantage of your own organization, or as part of your personal development and career strategy in online marketing.

Course Summary:-
All Our Training Material and the Practice Exercises are developed in-house and are specifically tailored based on business needs. This Custom-made Approach is the highlight of IDPL. ALL of Courses are based on Real life Projects & Assignments. Our training staffs are chosen not only for their knowledge and expertise but also for their practical experience in the field they teach. Additionally, they are preferred for their ability to convey their knowledge on others. Our Skilled, Enthusiastic, Cooperative and Expert faculty ensures that you obtain the highest quality of training possible.

About the Course:-
The IDPL’s SEO training course shows you how to improve the rankings of your website on Search Engines Ranking Page (SERP) and increase qualified traffic to your website. Our training is based on over several years of exploration and practice in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry and successful SEO for Clients. The new 2015 course is now even more filled with useful SEO tips and reference information. This includes emerging trends, blended or world-wide search, advantageous strategies for Social Media, the optimization of digital resources for search, additional content on link building and SEO checklists as well. The IDPL’s Training course is new and enhanced, absolutely updated and now packed with even additional useful SEO tips and reference information. The course is relevant to all whoever looking forward to learn about SEO or improve their existing knowledge and skills. The course covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics through to advanced conceptions and procedures. The course also features a session on ethical practices and our SEO Code of Ethics. The course is acknowledged as the leader in SEO training due to the depth of content and the knowledge and expertise of IDPL in the SEO industry. The course is a must for those who are serious about delivering search engines traffic to their respective website.
Organic outcomes generate 15 times more clicks: Whether you should care about basic link building (organic) results or paid (inorganic) results, actually it depends on the type of business you have or working for.
Long term revenues for content investment: Unlike Social Media where content shelf life is for limited time, in Search Engines Optimization Content is optimized for which it continue to generate search traffic for years.

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