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Many times we have come across a website that when viewed in one browsing medium, it appears brilliant and mind-blowing; but as soon as the browsing medium changes, the website loses its brilliance. As the browsing mediums are increasing day by day, having a website optimized for only one medium is not at all enough. This is where Responsive Web Designing comes into picture.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design are many. But the following 5 are the most important ones:

1. Optimized Viewability Across any Screen: Just as the name suggests Responsive Website Design enables the website to respond to the screen on which it is being viewed, by resizing itself. Thus, the website remains perfect, has no annoying borders or cropped content. The viewer’s experience of browsing remains constant throughout, even if the screens change from PC to Smartphone or tablet to laptop. The irritation that a viewer finds in navigating through non-responsive, non-self-adjusting websites is removed and creates a user-friendly ambience.

2. Increase in Visitors: Obviously, if screen size doesn’t negatively impact a website’s performance, the viewer is bound to visit more and more. The website then becomes easily the more preferable option irrespective of the screen size as it remains user-friendly and can be viewed brilliantly. If my experience of navigating through the website on one screen is bad, I wouldn’t prefer to visit the website again, even if the screen has changed. Responsive Website Design provides a continuity of good experience and thereby luring the visitor again and again. It also leads to more publicity and hence more visitors.

3. Growth in Sales: Now-a-days, browsing internet through tablet or smartphone while on move is like second nature. A visitor is also very likely to buy products online on economic websites or hire services of some enterprise through its websites, just for a smartphone or tablet. A responsive website allows the consumer to have full comfort on smaller screens even while on move. This way the consumer doesn’t have to wait to access a website only on a personal computer. The ease of access, increase in comfort and immediate facility garners those consumers who could have dropped the idea of purchase because of the waiting period. Growth in sales is a sure shot side effect.

4. More Conversion Rate: It directly converts leads into sales because the services or products are offered so effectively. Compared to its unresponsive counterpart, it offers much higher conversion rate. This boosts the economy of an enterprise and contributes greatly to its overall growth.

5. Optimized for searches:  The most used search engine prefers and recommends Responsive Websites as it focuses on providing relevant, useful and suitable results to its users. Other search engines too have same criteria. Responsive Websites are optimized for searches and this reduces the efforts needed to optimize a website.

A website is a stale investment if it doesn’t bring in more footfall, give higher conversion rate, doesn’t reflect in search engines and irritates the viewer by changing as per screen size. With exponentially growing browsing mediums, easy access to internet and  more and more users; Responsive Web Designing is no longer a luxury but the need of the hour for every enterprise that aims for growth and success.

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