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Writing amazing blog posts on regular basis can be a real challenge. What’s even more problematic is to make every blog post as SEO friendly as possible. Luckily we have a method that can help us to build SEO friendly blog posts. We’re going to share this 5 step method with you however it’s a method you will have to build on. Think of it as we assisting by pointing you in the correct direction but how you make it to the finish line completely depend on you. Let’s have a look at the procedure.

1] Post Title: Selecting a cool title for your blog post is a must these days but keywords are still very significant. Your target keyword will permit search engines to find your article and that cannot be prevented. If you can create a title with the keyword in the start then it’s going to work remarkably to develop your SEO quotient.

2] Keyword: In earlier days, SEO depended on keyword density in your article, more the keywords better the results. But things have changed and search engines have become clever enough to identify who’s spamming the system. You now need to emphasis on original content and if you’re writing around a certain keyword then the whole “How much keywords should be added further” question, will be tackled by it.

3] ADD H1: Tag to your subtitles: If you’ve noted, some of the websites that make it to the top of the Search engine rankings will constantly have H1 tags for their subtitles. Well it doesn’t end there; one has to make sure that keywords need to be added to make it really effective. It helps the Google Spiders to crawl your websites and provide an easier view to identify the content and place it suitably in the search ranking results. This takes preparation since you need to take your title and the overall content into account while working on this.

4] Images: An image can say a thousand words. If you’re not capable to put across a point or trying to make heavy content further understandable, then images are going to be very important. Though images can increase load to your website, optimizing those images can decrease that effect. Also if the image alt tag has been properly set along with a keyword, then you’re providing search engines a simpler way to search you. It is true images are tough to acquire but we recommend this amazing online tool called “Canva” that will benefit you to generate awesome images in no time.

5] Content: If you’ve been hearing too much of this then we’re sorry to say it again but ‘Content is King’. No matter how much of hard work you put in, it all boils down to this. Original and value add content is what makes it to the top of the search engines these days. Your blog posts need to be fascinating and at the same time be informative. The most recent trend in effective content delivery is ‘Story telling’. If you can put your opinion across in the form of a story then you have a blockbuster of a blog post that’s bound to fetch decent traffic. How can you come with excellent content over and over again? Read, research and ask queries around your field of interest and you will find your topics to write about.

We hope this method comes handy while generating your SEO friendly blog posts. It’s going to be hard initially but as it is said ‘’practice makes a man perfect’’.

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